Why we are called Passion Animal

Today I would like to briefly explain our name. Because it stands for more than just the fact that we have a passion for animals.

It also expresses the fact that all animals have their passions, preferences and deep emotions. We see this every day in our dealings with our animals. I’m sure many people know this about dogs and cats: The joy when they meet a good friend, the almost unbearable anticipation of a tasty snack, or the desire to play wildly with their favorite toy or playmate.

Mekki, who you know from the first blog post, is the perfect example of the fact that other animals can feel just as passionate about something or someone. He loves his morning snack so much that he can’t stand still for excitement. Initially with the dogs, he found a best friend in Ziggy, now with his fellow sheep in Maggie. And when he wants to be cuddled, he knows how to show it more than clearly and enjoys it visibly.

We hope that we can convey these passions and the lust for life the animals exhibit and are therefore particularly pleased to welcome visitors. Because that is the best way to experience it. And then the chances are good that our visitors will also discover their passion for farm animals, thus completing the circle and fulfilling the purpose of the sanctuary: On the one hand, to enable animals living here to live out their passions to the fullest and according to their nature and, on the other, to awaken or strengthen the passion for farm animals in the visiting human animals.